Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pricing & Shipping

Tina & Butter's puppies at 8 weeks of age
We ship from Charlotte, North Carolina or Greensboro, North Carolina airports. We will be happy to assist you in setting up and completing a smooth and safe transport for your puppy. We will not ship a puppy until after the age of 10 weeks. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs to be paid before shipping which includes health papers and crate.

All puppy prices include a Vet exam with individual health check and micro chipping for permanent identification. Prices are not set until after 7-8 weeks of age and the litter's temperament testing is completed. Non refundable Deposits are accepted after 4 weeks and full price must be paid in full by 9-10 weeks of age. If you pay by personal check--no puppy will be shipped until our bank has cleared your check.

All pet quality puppies are placed with a limited AKC registration. Pet quality dogs should not and do not need to be bred. It should be the goal of all breeders to improve the breed, not just make dogs. If at the age of 1-2 years, you feel your dog is of breeding quality, our pet contract has a clause that can be met to lift the limited registration to a full registration. Pet quality puppies are priced $1200-1800.

Elliott--Mona & Willie Puppy at 10 Weeks

All show/breeding quality are placed with full registration IF they are placed with a breeding or show contract. Prices vary based on the litter pedigree and bloodlines but are usually are $1800-2500 each. Often I will have a buyer who wants a "show quality puppy" as a pet. I have no problem placing a show quality puppy as a pet--on a pet contract that will include spaying/neutering. Just because you want a show quality puppy as a pet does not mean I will drop the price and any puppy placed with a pet contract will be spayed or neutered..
We will place first and second pick puppies with co-ownership, preferably to show homes. I prefer to discuss these types of transactions in person.

Group shot--Mona & Willie puppies at 8 weeks of age

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