Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Hired Help"-Part I

No breeder can take full credit for 100% of each and every breeding. We buy dogs and breed outside stud dogs into our existing lines. These dogs are built on some other breeder's hard work and efforts. Anyone can go out buy two dogs and breed them producing a litter. It takes a "breeder" to go the next step--to take that first litter, build on it, correct faults, and improve the next generation produced. With each generation, a breeder strives to make improvements and to breed better dogs. It is my philosophy that when I bred my bitch to other's stud dogs that I should give due credit to the dog and his owners.

In truth, no one can be a successful breeder by going alone. It takes the cooperation of other breeders and stud dog owners working together to make a good breeding program successful. With that in mind, I would like to introduce the studs of our "Hired Help" section.

Skamania Mastiffs

(Left to Right) Ch.Skamania's Tug Beau-T (Tug) , Am.Can. Ch. Moonstone's Skamania Jasmine (Jasmine) , and Ch. Beau's Ultimate Beef on Rye (Beef)

Over 10 years ago, I had the wonderful good luck to become friends with Tammara & Dave Kuhn of Skamania's Mastiffs in Skamania, Washington. I shipped out my girl, Maddie--Matics Lady Madolin on Kiokee- to them to be bred to their Beau--Int.Am.Can. Ch. Colton's Beaugard. Tammara & Dave were kind enough to keep Maddie for me--show her and put that last all important 1 point (with a 4-point major!) to make her an AKC Champion! When I flew out to pick up Maddie and her puppies--I also brought a second girl--Ch. Rockytop Dark Shadow --that was bred from my Tuffy and we bred her to Beau, too. We co-bred Maddie's first litter together, and most of my dogs have descended from these breedings.

Ch. Skamania's Dusk to Dawn (Butters)

Butters is the sire of Dawn (Kiokee Mtn Valley Dancin' to Dawn), Cooter (Kiokee Drunk in Publick Too), and TJ (Kiokee I'm Tuff Too). We love the heads and bone size we got in this breeding to our Tina (Kiokee Private Dancer). Butters is a son of Ch. Skamania's Tug Beau-T.

Over the years, our friendship has grown and I count them as some of my closest and best friends in the Mastiff world. It's a friendship that may go months or years without correspondence--but when we do it's like we have never missed a beat. To me, that's true friendship.

Int.Am.Can.Ch. Colton's Beaugard

Ch. Skamania's Tug Beau-T
The sire of our Toby, Big Man, Mona & Reba and son of Int. Am.Can Ch. Colton's Beaugard

Ch. Kiokee Who's Your Daddy

My Toby is pictured her at 14 months of age going Best of Breed from the 12-18 month Dog class. Finishing Toby placed his sire, Tug, into the Mastiff Club of America Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Tammara & Dave!!

Thank you Dave & Tammara for all our beautiful puppies! I am so happy that Toby put Tug into the Mastiff Club Of America Hall of Fame. One good deed deserves another!! To see more of Tammara & Dave's beautiful dogs go to their website

Stonehouse Mastiffs

Karen and Micheal McBee of Stonehouse Mastiffs in Fairmont, West Virginia have loved, owned, and bred Mastiffs for over 25 years. Over the years, I have often shown in the ring with Karen & Micheal, but I had never really talked with them or had taken the time to get to know them.

A few years back, I had the opportunity to be standing at ring side on the day she Finished,Willie, Int.& Am. CH. Stonehouse Steamboat Willie. I had stood and watched him outside the ring--the picture of the majestic mastiff. Calm and collected in the midst of the dog show madness; friendly and accepting of all who approached to meet him; and then he walked into the ring. He absolutely took my breath away. Willie reminded so much of Jackson--Ch. Pinehollow's Caledonia's Jackson--and to my delight, I found out later he was a grand-son of Jackson!

Int. & Am. Ch. Stonehouse Steamboat Willie

After Karen finished showing that day, I approached her, congratulated her on her win, and opened up a discussion on breeding Willie to my Vidalia. As we stood and talked that day, I discovered we shared many similar thoughts and ideals on breeding and Mastiffs. It's a wonderful day I count as one of my luckiest--I found a wonderful stud dog and made new friends. I was so impressed with the puppies we produced from Vidalia and Willie--that I also bred my Tug & Vi daughter--Mona- to Willie.

I truly regret that we did not become friends many years ago. Thank you, Karen & Micheal for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and help. The more I seen of your lovely boy, the more I liked him. Willie was a perfect example of an intelligent, thinking Mastiff with tons of personality to spare. Only a Breeder could appreciate the qualities he offered-- He was truly a "Breeder's Dog". I can't wait for our babies to grow up!

Sadly, Karen and Micheal lost Willie this past summer to a Vet error in treatment. Our Breed lost a good dog that day. I am so glad we have his puppies, and will never regret my choice in choosing him as a stud dog. I am very proud to have met, known and loved this lovely boy.

Ch. Kiokee Stonehouse Sir Oliver Twist -"Ollie' at 17 months of age - go to our "Rising Stars" section and check him out!!

Ollie is from our Vidalia & Willie breeding. His Littermates--Westly & Elise--Live with the McBees; and sister Kiokee Stonehouse Sara Lee lives with me. Karen and I hope to show Wes and Sara Lee to their AKC Championships in 2008.

Emmagail--14 weeks old

Emmagail is from our Mona & Willie Litter. We co-own her litter sister, Abbigail with R.L. Lail here in Hickory.

Thank you Karen & Micheal!!

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