Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Designer dogs Vs. Purebred Dogs

Unfortunately, it seems that every week brings out someone else who has decided to "create" a "New Breed" of dog by taking pure breed dogs and cross breeding them. These individuals consider themselves to be in the fore front of the "new wave" of dog ownership. In fact, they have just come up with a new way to market mutts to the general public.

Often these individuals state that these dogs have "hybrid vigor" and are less prone to develop genetic diseases of their pure breed parents. In fact, these breeds may be more prone to genetic disorders; especially if the parents were not health tested! One does not decrease genetic problems in a dog by crossing two different breeds together. You may actually increase the number of genetic disorders a dog can carry or exhibit especially if your parent dogs have never been tested!. If you want a cross-bred dog--go to your local animal shelter and adopt one! There are always many well-deserving mixed breed dogs there that need homes.

Designer dogs have been created to meet a buyer's need in the pet market. Often advertised as being improved due to such abilities as: "Non-shedding", "hypo-allergic", "Dry-Mouth", etc.
All great selling points to the general public who think they are buying a dog to meet their needs based on these claims, but but in fact, these claims are most fabrications.

We now can find several different designer breeds that are crossed with Poodles supposedly so that these breed as can be "hypo-allergic" since by crossing in the Poodle the resulting breed become "hypo=allergic". Not so. You do not automatically pass on any trait just by adding a certain dog to another breed.

Guide Dog for the Blind in Australia attempted to use Labordoodles and Goldendoodles in a breeding program to develop a "hypo-allergic" guide dog for over 25 years and was UNABLE to use either of the breeds because of the instability of breed characteristics and lack of ability to breed true. The entire program was considered a gross failure and dissolved several years ago.

No dog is "non-shedding"--ALL dogs shed. Long coated dogs shed less--they retain their long outer coat all year, yet they do shed their undercoat once maybe twice a year. Just buy a long coated dog and never brush it--it will mat if you do not comb out the undercoat which the dog SHEDS. So, yes, ALL dog shed hair --it is just that some (short hair dogs) shed more that others (long hair dogs).

Then there is the Designer breeder who advertises a "dry-mouth Mastiff". Yes, some of their dogs have smaller heads and less flews so they will drool less, but most drool just as much as the original dogs. This designer breed is 7/8 English Mastiff--do you really think 1/8 is going to make a dog drool less?

Below is a message written by a fellow Mastiff Breeder Jann Lanz of GoldLeaf Mastiffs. Read what she has to say on this subject.


It is becoming more common to see advertisements from people breeding "Designer Dogs". Please don't fall into the trap of paying a high price for these animals. They are nothing more than a cross-breed and are marketed to make you think that you're getting the best qualities from two separate breeds that have been mixed together. Breeders of pure bred dogs continuously work to preserve the pure bred dog and rarely make any money. These "designer dog" breeders are breeding for money and are hoping to cash in on what they hope is a niche market and pry on uneducated puppy buyers.

These so-called breeders are not taking the genetic failings of separate breeds into consideration prior to pairing their chosen breeds. This is what they neglect to tell you!! It takes a responsible dog breeder years to establish a strong and healthy line of animals and by mixing these dogs, there is no telling what kind of genetic and temperament faults will crop up. Mixing dogs, especially LARGE BREED DOGS, is a dangerous endeavor when it comes to temperament. Be safe! Never purchase a mixed breed animal, especially a large breed dog. These breeders have no idea what the future holds for these animals. They do not do health testing like a responsible breeder of pure bred dogs would!! Don't be their guinea pig and pay the price when your animal develops diseases, temperament problems, and/or a short life span. Also, your animal will NEVER be eligible for American Kennel Club Registration.

The majority of the time these designer breeders will use low quality breeding stock they acquire from the lowest price source. The pure bred dog they use in their breeding program, which may have serious health and/or genetic faults, are then cross bred with different breeds with bad traits related to that breed. If you prefer a mixed breed dog, please contact your local animal rescue organization or humane societies. These animals are in need of loving homes and are spayed/neutered and are up to date on their vaccinations. They are also a fraction of the cost vs. what you would pay for a "designer dog".

Thank you for reading this important information. It has been developed to help prevent you and your family from many problems. Owning a dog is a big responsibility. If you are going to purchase a dog, please work with a well known, responsible breeder of AKC pure bred dogs or your local animal shelter.

Thank you. Jann Lanz, Goldleaf Mastiffs

Well said, Jann. Thank you for speaking up.

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