Friday, February 22, 2013

Gloria Davis--Lionhearted Mastiffs--Update 2013

It's now been three years since I received the e-mail that informed me of the abuse and  neglect of the  Lionhearted dogs.  At this time, an open homicide investgation  is being conducted by the Anderson County Sheriff's departement in the dissappearence of Gloria Davis.. The local authorities in Anderson, SC, SLED, and the FBI have all been involved in this investigation.

Truth. None of Gloria's friends or family have had any contact with her since December 2009. All of her personal belongings including her ID, SS card, driver's license, Checking account information, personal belongings, and her car were found in the house on the Anderson property. Since her disappearance, there has been no activity on her SS card/number, banking account, credit cards, or any other personal information. Gloria Davis has basically fell off the face of the earth.

Much has been discovered and discussed in the months since this event surfaced. So many unanswered questions remain, and will remain until Gloria can be located. Somewhere, someone has information relating to Gloria's disappearance. It is the hope and prayers of Gloria's friends and family that those who hold the missing pieces to this story will step forward. Gloria's sons, grand children, and her mother all deserve closure.

IFyou feel you have information relating to the disappearance of Gloria Davis, please contact the investigating officer in Anderson, SC-- Detective Wayne Mills. Any piece of information may be the link so needed in this investigation.  This  Information is needed so that Gloria can be brought home to her family.  He can be reached at

On a personal note--I will never stop asking questions. I will never stop looking for information. I will never believe that Gloria walked away from her home, her dogs, her family and her friends. Gloria was not a perfect person, but none of us are or will ever be. Gloria and her dogs deserve justice and peace. I believe in Karma and I believe in God's justice. In time, we will have our answers. In time, those who are responsible for these horrendous deeds will answer; if not in man's court, in God's court.  If you have knowledge of this case--you need to step forward and speak up.

It is still hard for me to write or discuss this case. Since it is an open case, much can't be discussed at present. I would ask that each who reads this blog --do what I do. I pray each day for strength and guidance for Detective Mills, and peace for Gloria's family.  Hope that each of you who reads this blog will do the same--say a prayer for Gloria.

I see Gloria's love and devotion for her dogs in my Gracie and Hope--I see Max in Gracie and Hope's puppies.  Last Febuary, Gracie gifted us with 5 beautiful Fawn boys--and the boy I kept-KioKee Morrigam's Turbo Max-- I named after his grandfather--Gloria's Max.  My beautiful dark brindle baby girl, Rumor, also a Max grand-daughter-- carries the dark brindle gene that Gloria loved so much--and she bears the Lionhearted name  in honor of Gloria. I know Gloria would be so proud of her and Turbo. I wish she was here to see them.

Catie Arney, KioKee Mastiffs Hickory, NC