Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Hired Help"--Part II

Please continue with Part II of of "Hired Help" section.

Lionhearted Mastiffs

Gloria Davis is know for her black Brindle Mastiffs. I know her to be an ethical breeder who breeds dogs true to breed type yet retaining the soundness and structural correctness so badly needed in our breed. Gloria was one of the first Mastiff people I met when I began showing. Over the years, she and I have had many a lengthy talk about our beloved breed. We have very similar views on breeding and we both have the guts to stand up for what we believe in our dogs. We have at time chose different bloodlines (or roads as I call them) but our journeys has lead us to breed the same type of dogs. It takes a lot of breed knowledge, determination, and a whole lot of woman to breed Mastiffs for over 25 years!!

Ch. Lionhearted Maximum Power, CGC

Max is just my type of dog--he is what I refer to as a "Breeder's dog" Not only does he have type and size--he produces type & size in his puppies. Max also has a temperament no one can fault--he is loving and accepting to strangers. As a stud dog--he's a ladies' man--he playfully woos them with no aggression and breeds only when the bitch says she is ready. No breeder could ask for a better dog!!

I loved his sire and I love Max. The litter we produced from Mona & Max was all a breeder could envision. I am very happy and proud of the puppies Max and Mona produced.

Thank you, Gloria for your friendship and for your dedication to our breed!!

Gloria Davis can be reached at

Morrigan's Mastiffs

Trojan's New Champion picture

I have always believed in divine guideance-I believe that we are led to meet and know certain people for the part they are to play in our lives. Jim and Laura Bennett (along with James and Sidney) are such an example. Our meeting was through a twist of fate, but our friendship is one of continuing respect.

Jim bought a beautiful fawn Mastiff female puppy and named her Clas Myrridin Morrigan--"Morrigan". Impressed with the quality of the dog as she matured, Jim decieded he wanted to bred her. So he began the process of completeing all her health testing and finding the right "Man" for his girl. It was through this search, he found the perfect stud dog, Ch. Caledonia Built to Last-"Ford", and became friends with Suzie Farber of Caledonia Mastiffs. With the guidenece and help of Suzie, Jim bred Morrigan to Ford and Morrigan's Mastiffs was born. From these two breeding 16 dogs were produced--all who have tested OFA Hips Good or Excellent, Elbows Normal, Thyroid Normal, and cardiac normal. A wonderful accomplishement for any breeder.

Suzie was so impressed with the quality of puppies produced, that she encouraged Jim to repeat the breeding--and it was done. After delivering 2 litters of puppies, the beautiful Morrigan entered the show ring and in short order became an AKC Champion. Since that day, five of her puppies have become AKC champions which qualified Morrigan for the Mastiff Club of America Hall of Fame for top producers. A proud accomplishement for any bitch. This makes Morrigan a member of a very exclusive club. I look forward to seeing the presentation of her medallion at the MCOA banquet in 2009 at the Speciality.

I have had the priviledge of breeding to two of Morrigan's sons; "Oscar"-Ch. Morrigan's , owned by Jennifer McKemie of Lithia Springs, Ga. and "Trojan"-Ch. Morrigan's Hector, owned by Jim & Laura Bennett of Carrollton, Ga. Both of these boys produced some wonderful puppies. I also own a daughter--my Boudi, Ch. Morrigan's Celtic Queen of Kiokee. I am very proud of the puppies we have produced together.

I feel a kinship with Jim and his dogs for the beautiful Morrigan is a grand-daughter of my foundation Bitch, Ch. Matic's Lady Madolin of Kiokee-"Maddie". I feel a sense of pride in his success. I like to see my friends win.

you can contact Jim at for more information about his dogs.