Sunday, June 17, 2007

Introduction to Kiokee Mastiffs

"Kiokee" which is from the Cherokee language and means "from the rock". We welcome you to our site Come in and see what we are all about.

Quality Not quantity has always been our goal at Kiokee mastiffs We bred selectively and only for the purpose of breed improvement. We are proud to have owned and shown over 7 generations of Mastiffs and have proudly laid the foundation for our next generations of Champions. Not all of our puppies grow up to be show dogs; some are beloved pets and companions which we feel is our greatest achievement. We believe that all dogs should be bred primarily for overall health, temperament, trainability, intelligence, and sociability and conformation will follow. What good is a beautiful dog that you can't live with, train, or control?

Tina at 10 weeks

Breeding quality dogs is not luck. It takes determination, hard work, long-range planning, Knowledge of Mastiff breeding and bloodlines, and skillful assessment and evaluation of your ongoing kennel management and breeding program. A great deal of thought and research is placed before we plan any breeding. We look to improve on what we have, correct any faults, and fine-tune overall conformation.

Kiokee Conqueror (Hercules) at 7 1/2 years of age

Only through the combination of the right dogs can any breeder produce better dogs; this also takes the cooperation of other breeders/stud dog owners who will work with other breeders. I am very thankful to all those who have so kindly worked with me to produce these wonderful dogs. As I incorporate info on my dogs onto this site--I will also include the "Hired help"--stud dogs I have used in my breeding program.

We have Incorporated temperament testing and canine personality profiling into our breeding program. Temperament testing allows us to find the right puppy to meet your needs, match your personality and lifestyle, and helps to ensure a life-long bond and friendship. Finding the right dog is as important as finding the right spouse, but most people spend more energy into buying the family's second car that will be traded in two years than into finding a dog that may live 8-10 years. Many a dog has been turned over to Mastiff rescue because it didn't "fit" it's family. Check out our section on Temperament Testing Puppies. Hopefully this will give you some insight on traits you need to look when choosing your nest puppy.

We support the spaying and neutering of pet quality dogs; a pet does not need a sex life to be happy! All pet quality puppies are placed and sold with a spay/neuter clause in our contracts and no puppy is sold/placed without a contract. We health test and certify all our dogs and bred only to dogs of the same Caliber. All dogs have the minimum OFA's of hips & elbows, CERF eye exams, and are PRA DNA Clear. I also do OFA of hearts, thyroid, and do VWB testing. I have also recently added to my dogs OFA of patellas and cysturnia testing of all males. All puppies are placed with a 2-year health & temperament guarantee against genetic defects.

For more information see our Sales agreement & Guarantee. Also check out "Recognizing an Unethical Breeder"; it may help prevent you from buying a dog from the wrong person and give you some insight as you search for your puppy.

We support Mastiff rescue and have participated as a Volunteer here in North Carolina and in Georgia. If you don't rescue, you shouldn't breed!! A rescue dog make a a great family pet. Our first Mastiff, Baron was a rescue. He gave us many years of love and devotion. He convinced me that I never wanted to be without a Mastiff. Read his story on "Baron's Page" and understand why puppy milling is a disgrace and why rescue is important.

Baron and Jessica--one of his neighborhood friends.

If you are interested, go to the Mastiff Club of America (MCOA) Rescue, Friends of Rescued Mastiffs or Southern States Mastiff Rescue websites and they can direct you to the coordinator for your area. Go to the English Mastiff Trust Fund website--it will give you an insight why true Mastiff breeders abhor and strive to eliminate puppy mills and commerical breeders.

If you need more breed information, we suggest you go to the AKC or Mastiff Club Of America websites. Both can provide basic facts and history of the Mastiff Breed. Several excellent books are available and easily ordered online. Check out our "Most Frequently Asked Questions" section for general information about the Mastiff breed.

Learn about our breed first; consider your lifestyle, and the type of canine companionship you need. A dog is forever and should not be considered disposable. If you are a first time owner, we encourage you to consider all aspects of pet ownership before you acquire your dog. We will happily assist you in finding the right dog for you and your family. Please check out the rest of the Blog and come back again to check for updates and changes.

Please scroll through these Blog entries. We have posted lots of good information. Our hope is that we can assist new Mastiff owners make good decisions based on sound information.

Thank you for your interest in Kiokee Mastiffs.