Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Puppies, Puppies, and more Puppies!

The whole world loves puppies, and nothing is as cute as an 8-12 week old Mastiff puppy! I get lots of requests from folks asking what do my puppies look like. This post is an answer to that question. All these puppies are puppies we have bred. Some of the pictures were taken by myself or my daughter, Amiee'; some were taken by proud owners; and a few are professional photos. So, here they are; the puppies of Kiokee just being Mastiff puppies!

This was Toby at 7 weeks of age.

This is Cooter at 7 weeks of age
Here is Reba at 6 weeks of age--doesn't she look sweet!

Here are Cooter, Dawn, and TJ. This is Dawn and TJ.

This is a puppy from our Diesel bred By
Belcross Mastiffs Camden, NC

Here is another pic of Bella & Diesel's puppies.

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