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Dogs of Our Past-The Kiokee Girls

Maddie (Lf) and Edie (Rt)

The heart of any breeding program is it's bitches. A stud dog is only as good as his dam. If I don't like a stud dog's dam; I don't bred to him. In any breeding, the litter dam contributes an X chromosome to all puppies; and a litter sire passes down the Y-chromosome from the male line to all his sons, but passes his X-chromosome to his daughters that he received from his dam! So, when one looks at any pedigree--it's the girls one should closely examine. With that in mind, let me introduce you to the Kiokee Girls of our past.

Kiokee Warrior Princess

Zena at 10 1/2 years old

Paternal Grand Sire- Am. Can. Ch Colton's Beaugard HOF

Sire- Rocky Top's Flaming Gambit

Paternal Grand Dam-Ch. Rocky Top Dark Shadow

Maternal Grand Sire- BISS C. Pinehollow Caledonia's Jackson

Dam-Ch. Matic Lady Madolin of Kiokee

Maternal Grand Dam-Ch. PineHollows Beansi Buffamatic

Zena is the oldest of my Maddie daughter, the dam of my Tina and grand-dam of our Cooter. Due to an elbow injury which left her with a permanent limp--she was never able to be shown. We did breed her and in her first litter she produced 2 puppies--one of which is our Tina. She developed Pyrometria with her second breeding , lost her litter and required spaying much to our disappointment.

She lives here with us as our "Queen Mother"--the reigning matriarch and the love of our hearts. In our eyes, she has only grown more beautiful and regal with age. She is sweet and loving and never too far from us when we take our leisurely walks.

We hope that she remains with us for a few more years, but we know she is in her golden years with us. We appreciate the legeacy she has given us.

Ch. Kiokee Vesta


Paternal Grand-Sire: Kiokee Walk Your Talk

Sire: Ch. Kiokee Devil came to Georgia

Paternal Grand-Dam: Caviness Jetta Junior

Maternal Grand-Sire: BIS. Ch. Pinehollow Caledonia's Jackson

Dam: Ch. Matic Lady Madolin of Kiokee

Maternal Grand-Dam: Ch. Pinehollows Beansi Buffamatic

Vesta was one of my Maddie & Taz daughters. Due to my daughter's illness, I didn't begin showing Vesta until she was 4 years old. Her first week end out with her handler, Kelly Rea; she laid down in the ring and covered her eyes with her paws! Lots of folks laughed and said she would never finish. Well, they were wrong. Vesta finished easily and took 3 Best Of Breeds to complete her AKC Championship!

We completed her health testing and attempted to breed her twice, but with no luck. We were never able to get any puppies. Vesta died at age 7 due to complications secondary to viral pneumonia. We miss her.

Ch. Dame Edith of Acorn Hills.


Paternal Grand-Sire: Ch. Lionsire Ironhills Warleggen
Sire: Ch. Iron Hills Warwagon, HOF
Paternal Grand-Dam: Ch. Iron Hills Elbereth
Maternal Grand-Sire: Ch. Deer Run Ezekial
Dam:Ch. Lionsire Indigo of Pax River
Maternal Grand-Dam: Christian Bristol Cream

Edie was the first bitch I ever bought to show and was a WarWaggon Daughter. Although she was a long-hair Mastiff, we finished Edie. Her show wins included a Best of Breed win for a 5-point major over her two nationally ranked 1/2 brothers and a Group 4 placement!

I received a lot of criticism for showing a long-coat mastiff. I showed and finished her to make a point--coat is cosmetic; quality comes from within. Edie was an exceptional bitch; her littermates are some of the top-producing Mastiffs of all time. I am very proud to have owned such a wonderful dog.

I never bred and kept a puppy from Edie, and I count this as one of the biggest mistakes I have made as a breeder. I gave in to the pressure exerted by closed minded people. I would not make that same mistake today.

Edie lived to be 9 years old; she retired to live with my daughter and grand-daughters. She was a wonderful family pet and companion. I wish there were more Mastiffs just like her.

Thank you for the lessons you taught me-coat does not make a Mastiff. Rest well and watch over us. We miss you.

Ch. Matic Lady Madolin of Kiokee


Paternal Grand-Sire: Ch. Pinehollows War-Gator
Sire: BIS.Ch. Pinehollow Caledonia's Jackson
Paternal Grand-Dam: Caledonia's Cameron of Pinehollow
Maternal Grand-Sire: Ch. IronHills WarWagon
Dam: Ch. Pinehollows Beansi Buffamatic
Maternal Grand-Dam: Ch. Pinehollows Kizzie

Here is the lady who begun it all--Maddie. Maddie was not the first bitch I ever bought. Edie and GeeBee both came before her, but due to different causes I was never able to bred and keep puppies from either bitch. I had bred my boys to outside bitches, but I had never owned a bitch that had been bred to my boys. In the truest sense of the word; Maddie is my foundation bitch.

I feel in love with Maddie's sire--BIS.CH. Pinehollow's Caledonia Jackson--or Jack as the Mastiff world knew him. He was the first Mastiff to win 10 Best in Shows; Jack set the standard for all others to follow. Maddie's dam was a Daughter out of Ch. Iron Hills WarWaggon, HOF--another all time favorite of mine. Dave is and remains to this day one of the top producing stud dogs of our breed; Dave was the first Mastiff I Ever seen that made me go, "Damn! What a dog!" To find a bitch bred from both Dave & Jack was a pedigree made in heaven for me.

I had placed a deposit for the second pick bitch from this breeding, and I drove to Florida to pick up my puppy. But it wasn't the 2nd pick bitch I brought home--the one who stole my heart and caught my eye was the 3rd pick bitch puppy. A "Pet" the breeder said. My gut instincts said otherwise--at 8 weeks of age, Maddie could move like a gaited walking horse-she had the beautiful movement of both her sire and her grand-sire. So, it was Maddie I brought home.

Maddie went on to finish her AKC championship easily; her all important last point was placed on her by my friend, Tammara Kuhn with a 4-point major! To make the event all to more exciting; Maddie was 3 weeks in whelp to Int. Can.Am.Ch. Colton's Beaugard. The Kuhns and I co-breed that first litter together--Maddie & Beau gave use 8 gorgeous puppies.

For Maddie's second litter, I bred her to a Beau son and a Tuffy Grandson. From that litter came Zena, Hercules and Little Ann; all dogs who figure predominately in my current pedigrees.
Maddie's third and final litter was out of my Taz, Ch. Kiokee Devil Came to Georgia; and gave me my Vesta & Vidalia. These two girls were the only puppies I ever bred from Taz.

To this day, I see Maddie's beautiful balance and movement in her descendants. Her love of water, trying to "talk" to their humans, quiet warm affectionate nature, and boundless energy are all traits of Maddie's I see in her children. Maddie set the standard for me.

Although Maddie did not produce a large amount of puppies--what she did produce were sound and better than good examples of our breed. Maddie excelled at what a bitch should do--she made her mark in the whelping box.

Maddie lived to 10 years old. She left this world with dignity and love. Much Thanks old girl. Slept well.

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