Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our Girls-

Most of my girls are either daughters or great-grand daughters of Mattie. Boudi is my exception--she is a great-great grand daughter. I prefer bitches that look feminine--I do not tend to keep "doggy-looking" bitches. I like for my girls to look like girls.

Some of my girls are show dogs--some are just dogs, but all are sound and fully health tested. I am often asked why I would breed a bitch or a dog that is not a champion. My answer is that some dogs don't like to show--just like some kids do not like to play football or basketball--some want to be on the debate or chess team. It could be the noise, the confusion, all the strange smells--who knows--Mastiffs are very sensitive and can stress easily--dog shows are stressful.

If a dog does not like showing--I see no sense in making a dog do something they don't like--there is just no fun in it for me or them. There is no more miserable sight in the world than a stressed out Mastiff dragging his feet and hanging his head in the ring. The joy in showing your dog is when the dog enjoys showing and is happy in the ring. I try and convince all my dogs that showing is fun--and we do win sometimes!!

Sometimes the best dogs are just that--dogs.

Ch. Morrigan's Celtic Queen of Kiokee

Here is Boudi on her big day--New Champion! Thank you Mr. Robert Shreve!

Paternal Grand Sire-Int.Am.Ch. Iron Hills Bar Open All Night

Sire-- Ch Caledonia Built to Last HOF

Paternal Grand Dam-Ch. Caledonia Night Moves

Maternal Grand Sire-Running Bear's Thor's Rocktop

Dam-Ch. Clas Myrrdin's Morrigan HOF

Maternal Grand Dam-Rocky Top's Little Ann

Boudi is my big fawn brindle girl bred by Jim Bennett of Morrigan's Mastiffs. Her Maternal Grand dam is the litter sister to my Zena & Hercules--Little Ann. We are so very happy to be able to add this bloodline back into our dogs.

Boudi is fully health tested and holds a CHIC Health Award (#36360). She is a very large bitch weighing well over 190 lbs. She has very large bone, a sound structure with a strong rear and a deep wide front. She has a lovely head with a perfect scissor bite. She is beautiful mover with excellent balance. She is loving and has a rock steady temperament--nothing fazes her!!

Boudi finished her championship in March 2008 with two back to back 3-point majors. To make this day doubly sweet, her championship placed her Dam, Ch. Clas Myrrdin's Morrigan into the MCOA Hall of Fame for top producers. What a wonderful way to finish a championship!

Boudi is offically retire from our breeding program.

Kiokee Private Dancer


Paternal Grand Sire-BISS. Ch. Iron Hills InTo the Night

Sire-Ch. Ironhills Doorman to Mt. Moriah

Paternal Grand Dam-Ch Iron Hills Little Earthquake

Maternal Grand Sire-Rocky Top Flaming Gambit

Dam-Kiokee Warrior Princess

Maternal Grand Dam-Ch. Matics Lady Madolin of Kiokee

Tina is my apricot brindle daughter out of my Zena. She and her brother, Solomon, are the only two puppies ever produced by Zena. Needless to say, she is a very special bitch to me.

Although not a big bitch--she was extremely sound and typy. Tina passed all her health testing and was awarded a CHIC Health Award (#31188). She is the dam of our boy, Cooter.

Tina was shown as a young bitch, but received a brown recluse spider bite to her chest which sidelined her show career for a time. During this time she became a mother producing the only litter ever bred from our Hercules. Due to complications during the pregnancy--we were advised to breed her back to back heats. So her second litter was out of Tammi & Dave Kuhn's Butters--Ch. Skamania Dusk To Dawn.

She returned to the ring--but her heart was not in showing--so we retired her with 6 points. She is now officially retired from our breeding program-she is spayed and lives in her new adoptive home in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Kiokee Vidalia


Paternal Grand Sire-Kiokee Walk Your Talk

Sire-Ch. Kiokee Devil Came To Georgia

Paternal Grand Dam-Rocky Top Lady Eowyn Natura

Maternal Grand Sire-BIS. Ch. Pinehollow Caledonia's Jackson

Dam-Ch. Matic Lady Madolin of Kiokee

Maternal Grand Dam-Ch. Pinehollows Beansi Buffamatic

Vi is one of the two puppies bred from my Maddie and Taz--she is the only Taz daughter to ever have produced puppies. I was never successful in breeding her sister, Vesta. I bred her to Ch. Skamiani's Tug Beau-T at age 4 1/2 producing 10 puppies and her second and last litter to Ch. Stonehouse Steamboat Willie Producing 8 puppies at 7 years of age!! My Reba, Mona, Toby & Big Man are from the Tug & Vi Litter; Sara Lee, Else, Westly and Ollie are from the Willie & Vi Litter. Toby and Ollie are finished AKC champions: Sara Lee, Reba, and Westly are pointed.

Vi never like showing--but she is pointed. She injured the tip of her tail and we had to amputate part of it--so her show career ended. She is one of the old retired grand dams here at the house. She was 11 years old this past June (2008), and is still going strong--she can still put the fear of God into any stray cat who wanders into the yard!! Even at her age she is an active, strong, sound dog. She is a good example of a strong, sound, productive bitch with good breeding who produces as good or better than herself.

As a general rule, I don't breed my girls after age 4 1/2: Vi is an exception. Due to family illness, I was unable to bred her untill then. Most Mastiff bitches can not concieve and carry puppies easily after the age of 4 years. Vi never missed a step--she was bred, carried and delivered of her puppies without any health problems. A testimony to her soundeness , exceptional overall health, fertility, and longivity.

Edit note: Vi passed on this past spring (May 2009) a month short of 12 years old. We brought her ashes home and placed in the yard in her favorite "sunning" spot.

Vi surpassed herself as a brood bitch--producing pups better than herself. She produced some wonderful loving dogs who have made excellent family pets, companions and show dogs. We currently have her grand pups to love and raise. We are very proud of her.

Kiokee Get 'Er Done

Reba winning her 1st Major (3-points) under Judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman.

Paternal Grand Sire-Int.Am Can. Ch. Colton's Beauregard HOF
Sire-Ch. Skamania Tug Beau-T HOF

Paternal Grand Dam-Am.Can.Ch. Moonstone's Skamania Jasmine

Maternal Grand Sire-Ch. Kiokee Devil Came To Georgia

Dam-Kiokee Vidalia
aternal Grand dam-Ch. Matics Lady Madolin of Kiokee

Reba is one of our Vi daughters. She is co-owned and loved by my daughter, Leila. She is very much the spoiled princess and a confirmed couch potato. She is smart, funny, sassy, and loving. She looks very much like her dam, Vi--but I see traces of her grand dam, Maddie, in her too! She never meets a stranger, loves to go places, and demands to be the center of attention. In short--she is a Mastiff princess!

Reba just chillin' after a hard day at the dog show!

Reba passed her health testing without any problems--as we expected!! She and her littermates make the 5th generation of health tested Kiokee Mastiffs.

We made the decision to hold off showing her until she matured--and we bred her this past spring to Boudi's brother, Oscar--Ch. Morrigan's Cu Mac Shimidh. They produced a wonderful litter which includes, LuLu, Trooper, and Mirra. Lulu lives here in Hickory with the Bush Family; Trooper is co-own with the Williams family in Statesville, NC; and Mirra lives with daddy Oscar and grand-momma Jennifer. Go to our "Rising Stars" section to see 2 of these beautiful babies. We hope to show all these lovely babies as they mature and to complete momma Reba AKC championship in the next oncoming months.

We do have future breedings planned for Reba. Please watch for blog posts to announce their arrival!!

Kiokee Daddy's Money


Paternal Grand Sire-Int.Am.Can.Ch. Coltons Beauregard HOF

Sire-Ch. Skamania's Tug Beau-T HOF

Paternal Grand Dam-Am.Can.Ch. Moonstone's Skamania Jasmine

Maternal Grand Sire-Ch. Kiokee Devil Came To Georgia

Kiokee Vidalia

Maternal Grand Dam-Ch. Matics Lady Madolin of Kiokee

Mona is my other Tug & Vi daughter--she has a bigger head and more bone size, but is much more reserved. She has a rock solid topline, a well angulated rear, and a deep wide front. She has beautiful dark pigment in her mask and ears, and very dark eyes. She has beautiful well balanced movement.

Mona easily passed all her health testing and was awarded a CHIC health award (#36531) as we expected. Like her sister, Reba, Mona is a product of 5 generations of our breeding and health testing.

Mona loves water--as do all her babies! She is loving and accepting to all who come to our home. She is a wonderful mother--even serving as a substitute mother nursing puppies from another litter. What more could you ask from a brood bitch?

She is a bit insecure at the dog shows--all the noise and commotion is unsettling to her. Since the whole dog show experience was not positive for her--we decieded to just let Mona do what she loves best--stay at home.

We bred Mona in Late Summer 2009 to RuthAnn and Dale Synder's Boss (Intl. Am Ch. Magnum's One Ton Speed Wagon) and she delivered 2 beautiful Brindle Males on Nov. 13th, 2009. Sadly, we lost Mona shortly after the c-section. We will miss her.

Kiokee Stonehouse Sara Lee

Sara Lee at 22 month of age
Paternal Grand Sire-Ch. Stonehouse Country Vagabond
Sire-Int. & Am. Ch. Stonehouse Steamboat Willie CGC

Paternal Grand Dam-Int. & Am. Ch. Stonehouse Miss Mallory

Maternal Grand Sire-Ch. Kiokee Devil Came to Georgia

Dam-Kiokee Vidalia

Maternal Grand Dam-Ch. Matics Lady Madolin of Kiokee

Sara is our pick bitch from our Vi & Willie Litter. She is a high energy mastiff; full of life and vigor. She is fun loving and outgoing. She is wonderful with our younger puppies and plays loving big sister to them.

We had plans to show her in 2009 and hopefully finish her AKC championship. However due to a torn Cruicate--her show career has been shelved for the present. She resides with her co-breeders--Karen and Micheal McBee.

Sara Lee has completed her health testing and has produced one litter. We do not have any breeding plans for her at present.

It has been said that the heart of any breeding program is it's bitches. No breeder can hope to breed good dogs if their bitches are less than good. As a breeder, I have always placed soundness, overall health, and temperament first in my breedings. I have no problem putting any of my girls up as an example of a good, sound, healthly Mastiff.

If you need any information about our planned breedings, please contact us at Thank you.