Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!!

Here is our "lucky 13" all packed up and ready to leave the Vet Office and go home.

Well. it was "labor" day here in another sense--Gracie delivered us 13 puppies this morning by C-section. We have 7 Males and 6 females--all fawns. The total weight of all the puppies was 22.9 lbs--that's a lot of puppies!!

Momma Gracie is doing just great--stretched out snoozing in the living room. Once we got home we did out first feeding--All the puppies nursed just great and Gracie is going to be a wonderful mother (Thank Goodness!). I also gave each puppy their first bottle feeding--and they all ate like little pigs!

It has been a stressful 48 hours--Gracie was been restless and showing early signs of labor. I didn't want to take her in too early for her c-section--so the plan I had worked out with my vet was to wait until I felt certain she was in labor. We had a c-section scheduled for Tuesday--but Gracie had her own time table. Puppies just don't wait.

Between 500am and 900AM, Gracie began to leak ammiontic fluid--and I then knew she was in labor. A call was placed to my Vet--and our c-section was moved up and scheduled.

A huge thank you to Dr. Tom Wallrichs DVM and all his wonderful staff for a job well done and beyond the call of duty. They all came in on their Holiday to make sure Gracie had a safe delivery--and we had a litter of healthy puppies. The entire procedure moved like a well oiled machine.

Tom and his partner (Wellborn) have been my Vets for over 10 years--and I love them all at The Animal Hospital of East Burke. It has been essential to the well being of my dogs to have a vet who will work with me. For me. they are the standard of care I hold and compare all other vets. All You guys are the best.

So this Labor day I am very thankful to have my girl here with her 13 puppies safe and well.

Catie Arney