Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update--Lionhearted Mastiffs & Gloria Davis

Sadly, Gloria Davis still remains missing. None of her family or close friends have had any contact with her since the news of the abuse situation in Anderson, SC became known. The ongoing investigation by several law enforcement agencies (FBI, SLED, ACSD) has not produced any leads on the location of Gloria Davis.

Ms. Kazia Burress Martz had her day in court. Due to Ms. Martz's claim that Gloria was present "everyday" during the time frame when the dogs were neglected and abused and Ms. Davis was the sole person who was responsible for all of the care of her dogs, and with no evidence available (at that time) or presented to contridicte this story -- a ruling was found by the court in which Ms. Martz was not held liable for the neglect and abuse of the Lionhearted dogs. However, she was found gulity of the charges relating to her dogs.

Ms. Matrz was fined in court ($455.00) , paid her fine, and had the ownership of all her dogs returned to her. As owner of the property under South Carolina law, a property owner can be awarded ownership of "abandoned" property-- Ms. Martz was also awarded the ownership of all the Davis dogs. A few days later, an agreement was reached with Ms. Martz, and she signed over ownership of all of the Lionhearted dogs to Anderson Animal control.

The Lionhearted dogs have been adopted out through the Anderson Animal Shelter into loving homes. Myself, many of Gloria's Friends, and others in the Mastiff community are enternally grateful to the hard working staff at the Anderson Animal Shelter for their dedication and care in healing and helping to place these abused and neglected dogs.

Michelle Dodd Powers and all her staff have gone many miles beyound the call of duty. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough.

During her trial, Ms. Martz produced two individuals who collaborate parts of her story and have sworn under oath that they have seen/spoken to Gloria Davis--the FBI, SLED, and the local authorties have been unable to vertify these statements as facts, nor have any law enforcement agency been able to obtain any leads in order to locate Ms. Davis.

Many of us have asked--If Gloria Davis is still freely traveling with in the Anderson/Clemson, SC area (as Ms. Martz claims), why can't law enforcement locate her? Why is it only a few of Kaizia's close "friends" reportly have seen/spoken to Gloria? Why is it none of Gloria's family or friends have been contacted by Gloria? Too much of the "truth" spoken by Ms. Martz rings hollow.

If anyone has seen Gloria Davis or has spoken to her in person since 2/1/2010--please contact the Anderson county Sheriff's Department--Detective Wayne Mills is in charge of this investigation.

If you think you may have any information vital to this investigation--please contact Detective Mills.

FYI--It has been reported by an out-of-state Mastiff breeder that Ms. Martz posing as a "cousin" has recently contacted them via e-mail inquires and by phone and is attempting to buy Mastiff puppies with full AKC registrations. Let the Seller beware.

I would advise any breeder contacted by Ms. Kazia Burress Martz seeking to buy any dog/puppy to investigate her fully before placing/selling any dog or puppy to her. As with any unknown buyer--vertify references before placing any dog/puppy.

Catie Arney, Kiokee Mastiffs, Hickory, NC

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