Friday, June 26, 2015

Willow & T-Beau's puppies--3 weeks old

 Here is a group shot from this morning--our gang had their first meal of puppy gruel--it took 3 cans of Puppy food and 30 ozs of milk to fill them up!! Talk about mean eating machines!!  Of  course, everyone got a bath--and here they are all clean--full tummies and asleep once again.  WE have fawn and brindle females available.

These puppies are growing well and will be very nice examples of the Mastiff breed. I get so many e-mails from owners who went somewhere else and bought  Mastiff, and now are experiencing issues with their puppy/dog. Sometimes these are the same folks I have had numerous conversations, e-mails, and contacts--I have done my best to educate them about how to find an ethical breeder, how to pick a well bred puppy, and how to identify a less than honest breeder.  .Usually it's because they wanted a puppy right now and just didn't want to wait; or they found one and paid less for it.  NOW THEY ARE HAVING ISSUES--imagine THAT!!  Now they need and want  my advice and guidance to help them.  I am happy to give them some basic guidance, but I always advise--call or contact your breeder.  Most tell me they have tried and can't get any response.

When you buy from an ethical breeder, you get a mentor and information source for the life of your dog. Someone who will treasure the life your dog lives as much as you do.  Can you place a price on that?

Anyone who has lived with a poorly bred dog knows the heart break of a fearful or aggressive dog whose temperament  has affected their lives, or the loss of a dog who died too young from health issues.  One an owner has lived through one of these experiences, they will then seek  to buy a better puppy the next time.

Often on the social media groups , I read of those who "complain" that those of us who are show breeders are 'snobs"--and you really don't need a dog with "all that health testing" or a "pedigree"--because they just want a "pet"--so why should they pay all that money?.  Well, me , too.   But I also want a healthy dog with a well balanced temperament who will live a long life and can be to dog my family wants and needs.

People--you get what you pay for--a bargain puppy may cost you much more down the road.  You can't place a price on health and temperament.   JMO

Cathy (Catie) Arney
KioKee Mastiffs
Hickory, NC