Monday, May 25, 2015

So, you want to buy one of my puppies........

I'm sure some of my past puppy buyers can relate to the picture above. As a breeder, I do try and carefully screen my buyers, and look for homes that are  a good fit for my puppies. I use puppy aptitude testing and my puppy questionnaire to pair up the right puppy with the right home.  I make the best decision I can on the information I have available at that time. Most of the time--everyone is happy.  So as you are assessing the puppies, I am assessing you and your family.

Sometimes, you come across a buyer who can not be satisfied--simply finds something wrong with every puppy.    Maybe they are trying to re-create a beloved dog that has died; perhaps they have a misguided idea of what an 8-10 week old puppy should look like and behave. Since there has never been a "perfect" dog born, I smile, apologize , and inform them I simply do not have a puppy that meets their needs.  It would be the kiss of death to put any puppy into that situation.

A few buyers simply misrepresent themselves from day one. For whatever reasons, they do not provide truthful information. Maybe they have gone down this road before with another breeder and was rejected--so they avoid giving the same information to you.  Every breeder at some time will deal with this type of buyer. This is the primary reason we are so careful in screening our buyers.

Of course, there is also the "I'm too busy" person to fill out the puppy questionnaire, get off the phone and listen to my instructions, or review the paperwork when you come to pick up the puppy.  Then you get angry and upset when I return your deposit and refuse to sell you a puppy.  IMO--you don't have the "time" for a new puppy.  Yes, I can and will refuse to sell anyone a puppy who I feel is not the right home for that puppy.

What do I look for in a puppy home?  People who are looking for a forever dog--not just some fad or spurn of the moment buy.  No, you can not come to my home and Fork over money and leave with a puppy.  No, I do not advertise on Craig's list or in the IWANNA.   Most of my puppies are sold through referrals from prior puppy buyers.

So, please remember the time it takes you to complete and return my puppy questionnaire is where a breeder  will base their decision on IF they will place a puppy with you.  Take the time to allow the breeder to learn about you and your family--the more we know about you and your companion needs the better we will be able to place the right puppy for your family.

Remember, a dog is forever.

Catie Arney
KioKee Mastiffs
Hickory, NC