Monday, February 16, 2015

Lionhearted Mastiff-Gloria Davis -2015 update

It has now been five years since I and others received e-mails that  set forth our search for answers.  Occasionally, I get inquires about Gloria's missing person/Homicide investigation.  Anderson County Sheriff's department in Anderson, SC still list Gloria's missing person case as an open homicide. 

There was much confusion those first few weeks--lots of miscommunication and misinformation  was spread causing confusion in the investigation.   Time has calmed those troubled waters; what remains a glaring truth is that Gloria Davis remains missing and there has been no evidence of  her being alive since  December of 2009.  None of Gloria's friends or family have had any contact with her since December 2009. All of her personal belongings including her ID, SS card, driver's license, Checking account information, personal belongings, and her car were found in the house on the Anderson property. Since her disappearance, there has been no activity on her SS card/number, banking account, credit cards, or any other personal information. Gloria Davis has basically fell off the face of the earth.  Somewhere, someone has the information needed to bring Gloria home. 

As I have done every year--I post a blog entry to remind the Mastiff Community that We still need answers.

There is a reward for  information which leads to the apprehension and /or conviction of any person or persons responsible for the disappearance of Gloria Davis.  IF you feel you have information relating to the disappearance of Gloria Davis, please contact the investigating officer in Anderson, SC-- Detective Wayne Mills. Any piece of information may be the link so needed in this investigation.  This  Information is needed so that Gloria can be brought home to her family.  He can be reached at

It is my sincere hope that Gloria can be brought home to her  mother, sons  and grandsons.  Join me in praying that justice will be served.

Catie C. Arney
KioKee Mastiffs