Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lionhearted Mastiffs and Gloria Davis Update

It's been a year since the word of Gloria Davis disappearance first surfaced. There have been no new leads into her disappearance. There has essentially been no activity on her Social security, banking, or other personal information. Gloria's family and friends have had no direct or personal contact.

Kazia Burgess Martz continues to stand by her story that Gloria is alive and responsible for the gross abuse and neglect of the Lionhearted dogs. Kaiza (AKA Kathy Hand, Cat Miller) did produce witness in court who stated they had spoken to Gloria. These individuals spoke to a voice on the phone--they had not seen or spoken to Gloria in person. At best, this verification is suspect.

My question is--"If Gloria is alive as Kazia claims, why can't the FBI, the SC SLED organization and the local authorities FIND her?" In a year's time--there has been no evidence that Gloria is alive anywhere.

Someone, somewhere has knowledge of this case. if you feel you have information to contribute to the investigation of Gloria Davis's disappearance, PLEASE contact Detective Wayne Mills at the Anderson County Sheriff's Department.

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