Sunday, January 27, 2008

How Fast They Grow!!

Gracie, Hope and Gidget

Mastiff puppies grow really fast often weighing 75 to over 100 lbs. by 5-6 months. We joke about the "thundering herd" when we let them out to play in the yard. Try scooping the yard with three of them running full hilt around you. Eventually, someone is going to clip you behind the knee, run straight into you, or give you a cold nose in the seat of your pants!! Life is never boring when you have more than one puppy!

Cold sunny days seem to be a Mastiff favorite. They love the colder weather--it makes all of them want to run and play--even the old Grand-dams--Vidalia & Zena- seem to have more spring in their step! However they would much rather get out of the way and just lay in the sun.

All three of these girls are growing well and have sweet, warm loving temperaments. Gracie and Hope are now exactly the same size--one has to look very carefully to tell them apart!! I am so proud of Hope and Gidget--both have made wonderful recoveries from their earlier set backs and are growing well. Gidget is a bit smaller than Grace and Hope but I expect she will eventually catch up.

The Terribel Three--Grace, Hope & Gidget

What you got, Mom? Something to eat?

Guard dog duty--must bark at the mailman as he walks down the sidewalk.